• 1. Carpentry Shop – with wood cutting tools and other equipment
  • 2. Fitting Shop – power hacksaw and all other tools required.
  • 3. Welding and Sheet Metal shop – AC generator arrangement for arc welding, soldering. Essential machinery and equipment for sheet cutting.
  • 4. Smithy Shop – furnaces and other essential tools
  • 5. Foundry Shop – facility of bench molding ,sand testing and pattern making equipment
  • 6. Machine shop – engine lathes, drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, slotters.
  • 7. Strength of materials lab-universal testing machine, hardness testers, impact testing machine
  • 8. Hydraulics machines lab-working models of Pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, notches & orifices
  • 9. Measurement Lab -Cathode ray oscilloscope, strain gauges, dynamometers etc.
  • 10. Energy Lab- two stroke, four stroke diesel and petrol IC engines, air blower, Compressor, calorimeters, viscometers, planimeters
  • 11. Heat and Mass transfer Lab – parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced convection, steam turbine
  • 12. Design lab-Universal vibration test rig, Strain gauge loading frame, photo elastic bench, general bearing test rig, gyroscope set-up and more.
  • 13. CAD/CAM and Robotics lab – Pentium computers equipped with design and modeling softwares like AUTOCAD, UNIGRAPHICS, NISA,NASTRAN, CNC milling machine CNC lathe , Five Axis Robot TR-5

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